Dry Sauna

Just a few minutes a day is enough to make us feel better. The body’s response to mild and constant heat is becoming more and more documented and proven by people all over the world. For this reason, doctors are increasingly recommending the benefits of a dry sauna

Steam sauna

The sauna not only feels good but is also good for the body. These are physiological changes that occur during the heat of the sauna and it feels wonderful! Saunas can be very effective during stressful daily life. Where we can calm the body and soul and revitalize the body.

هتل رفاه

Dry Sauna

Physically, nothing is more invigorating and beneficial every day than a deep, healthy sweat. Tension disappears. The muscles open. Mentally, the sauna contains the tranquility, resuscitation and readiness of whatever everyday events may bring.

Turkish bath

Before you decide whether you like the Turkish bath or not, you must have experienced it once so that you can easily decide whether it is the first time you are experiencing the Turkish bath, which may be daunting for you from the moment you enter the bath. Be exciting

Swimming pool, dry sauna, steam sauna and Jacuzzi in the water complex

Cold water tunnel

Soyuq su tuneli, bədən səthinin hər tərəfindən su tozunu səpərək bədəni sərinləyən bir dəhlizdir və soyuq su hovuzunun qurulması mümkün olmayan yerlərdə soyuq su tunelinin istifadəsi tövsiyə olunur….

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